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Church History - Part 2



History Part 1

By 1999 the Leaders had begun to feel that God was calling us to change the way in which we did church and were making moves towards meeting in small House Churches, just as we had started originally. This meant that our path was going in a different direction to that of New Frontiers and in early 2000 we felt we had to part company with them, while being very thankful for the legacy that they had sown into our church and lives. At the beginning of 2001 we began to meet in House Churches and discovered a new dimension to our church life that has been developing and deepening ever since.

In 2002 Ian Rowlands, who had headed up the leadership team throughout the life of the church, was invited to join an apostolic team of House Church Planters operating internationally. The Church released him to work in this sphere, and we are very pleased that part of his work is to have apostolic oversight of Community Church.

One sad aspect of changing to House Church was that many of our members felt that this wasn't right for them, and they moved to other Churches where they felt more comfortable. The wonderful thing is that the relationships we had with them are still as strong, and we often have the joy of meeting our brothers and sisters serving in many churches in the town.

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