About Community Church Luton

Church History - How and why did it start?



Community Church Luton grew out of a mid-week house group that had been meeting in the Limbury area for several years, attended by people from about ten different churches.

In the Autumn of 1984 a few members of this group individually heard the Lord calling them to start meeting on a Sunday and on the 9th December 1984, Living Water Christian Fellowship was born, under the leadership of Ian Rowlands. The church tried to follow the pattern of the New Testament Church and because of this, the name was changed 18 months later to Community Church Luton in the same way that the early churches were known by the town in which they met.

The early meetings were in a house, but there was great rejoicing when after eight months. we were too big for a house and had to hire a school hall in which to meet. In the years that followed we met in a succession of schools throughout the town and in the Drill Hall and Sixth Form College. It was a time when we grew tremendously in our faith and understanding, learned to move in the gifts of the Spirit and developed close and precious relationships with each other. During these years we were part of the family of New Frontiers and benefited very much from the teaching they provided.


Registered Charity Number 298742
We are members of the Evangelical Alliance